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What you need to know about the repair of locks of an entrance metal door

The reasons for the breakage of the lock of an entrance metal door are very different: urgent dismantling due to an accident, wear, improper operation, and others. Depending on the type of breakdown, repair of the front door lock can be done by hand or call a specialist. Some manufacturers do not produce additional parts, and the elements of others may not fit in size and configuration. Then the only way out is to replace the whole mechanism.

Cylinder lock device

Types of front door locks

To figure out which locks you can fix with your own hands, and which ones require the attention of a specialist, you need to decide on their varieties:

  • Crossbars – the mechanism is based on the linear (instead of the usual circular method) movement of the key. The main disadvantage is the large key size.
  • Electronic – unlocks the door using a code or magnetic key.
  • Lever – a standard mechanism, consists of plates and a core. Security depends on the number of key slots.
  • Cylinder – the most common because of the high degree of safety and practicality of the key.

It is better to entrust electronic ones to a specialist. As for the rest – if there are no nuances in the design, you can take the following actions.

How to recognize and fix a broken mechanism

If the castle is expensive, it is better to immediately call the master, in his arsenal there is always the necessary inventory. Others, with a simpler device (lever, cylinder), can be repaired by hand.

It is advisable to have at least minimal skills in handling tools.

Most often, in case of a breakdown, you can encounter the following problems:

  • The tongue stopped slamming: a result of wear of the part or external influence. The malfunction can be eliminated by regulation.
  • The door is difficult to open – you need to pay attention to the condition of the crossbars. The skew of the door leaf is also likely – the fastening should be checked.
  • The most common problem with a metal door lock is the key won’t turn, the key is jammed or stuck. The mechanism must be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated.
  • Jamming – breakage of the larva. If there is a place to buy a new one, then repair is possible. Otherwise, a complete replacement of the mechanism.
The lock

Even if there is a slight discomfort during use, it is better to immediately figure out what the problem is so as not to aggravate the situation.

Larva replacement

This is part of the cylinder mechanism. If the larvae of the castle have become unusable, then they cannot be repaired – they must be replaced with new ones.

Cylinder parts are interchangeable. To change the larvae, you need to take the following steps:

  • Remove the upper fixed structure (armor plate).
  • Find the screw in the end that secures the device and unscrew it.
  • Carefully remove the defective part (larvae).
  • Install new larvae, make sure that it is fixed and return the above parts to their places.

The advantage of this design is safety (hard to pick up a master key) and practicality.

Damage to the lock case

If the door lock was subjected to any physical impact and the body was damaged, it is better to replace it. Using a screwdriver, remove the screws and replace the old part with a new one. If the lock is mortise, then when removing it, care must be taken so as not to lose the springs. Replace on a clean surface, pay attention to the integrity of the parts and cleanliness inside the lock. Brush and lubricate if necessary.

Features of the repair of the lever mechanism in the lock

Do-it-yourself repair of a lever-type lock is a rather difficult task. Often a spare set of levers is not attached to the device, except that this is an expensive model. If you managed to find a suitable set of parts, you can try to replace it yourself, and if it does not work out, you will have to purchase a new lock. A replacement is made according to the following scheme:

  • Remove the door lock cover by unscrewing the bolts in advance;
  • Get the levers (squeeze out);
  • Move one by one the levers of the purchased set;
  • Screw on the cover.
Suvalds in the castle case

The opinion of experts here is unambiguous – if there is no experience, then it is better not to repair the lever lock of a metal door on your own.

DIY Lock Repair Tools

The locking mechanism consists of two parts:

  • Secret (recognizes the key).
  • Executive (moves the crossbars holding the door closed).

Each of the parts of the mechanism can wear out, but most often these are springs, bolts, larva.

All components of the mechanism are very small – there is a high probability of losing any spare part.

You will need the following tools:

  • Tweezers.
  • Screwdriwer set.
  • Butter.

As well as household cleaning tools:

  • A rag or napkins.
  • Brush.
  • Paint or cosmetic brushes.

All tools will be useful in your work.

Cleaning the castle

If, after dismantling and careful inspection, the visible cause of the malfunction of the door mechanism could not be identified, the problem may be in its clogging. Troubleshooting is simple:

  • Promote;
  • Extract parts,
  • Clean all small parts with a large paint or cosmetic brush;
  • Wipe large parts with a napkin;
  • Using a stick for cleaning ears or a match with a cotton swab, treat all parts without exception with a lubricating fluid;
  • Assemble the mechanism carefully.

You should not disassemble the mechanism for no apparent reason, so as not to damage its filling.

You can learn more about the repair of locks from the video:

Mortise lock: repair features

Mortise lock – a mechanism that fits inside the door. For its greater safety, an armor plate is placed on the outer part of the door leaf, which reduces the likelihood of drilling.
When repairing it, carefully remove it without losing the spring, and carry out the necessary actions:

  • Definition of malfunction.
  • Cleaning the mechanism.
  • Replacement of worn out parts or completely larva.
  • Transcoding.
  • Checking the work of the secret part.
Mortise lock

The plus is that it is not visible, the minus is that it is difficult to dismantle, especially metal doors with vertical traction.

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