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Today we will talk about setting up a comprehensive and easy computer protection – Norton Security. The antivirus product from Symantec has turned out to be quite successful, combining speed of operation and excellent security performance .

This article will walk you through the fine tuning ofNorton Security’scomprehensive antivirus solution . Let’s go through the parameters and configure the optimal antivirus for ourselves.

Norton Security. Where is the quarantine located?

Tweak Norton Security Antivirus

While there is an opportunity, you can download and install an antivirus for the promotion: Norton Security Deluxe – free license . Ninety days of free trial is good.

Let’s start the program, go to ┬╗ Options ┬╗ and start.

How to access Norton Security settings
Norton Security options

Antivirus protection section includes three categories :

  • Automatic protection
  • Scans and threats
  • Updates
Virus protection

Automatic protection is trusted by Symantec, the default settings are optimal. Let’s move on to the ┬╗ Scan and Threat ┬╗ settings . We translate ┬╗ Low Risk Threats ┬╗ to ┬╗ Ask me ┬ź, this will prevent the immediate removal of legitimate applications and programs. Don’t forget to click the Apply button .

Scans and threats

To prevent files with a bad reputation from being quarantined or completely deleted, add the required file or folder to the Norton Security exclusions according to our instructions .

Norton Security exclusions

This will exclude any games or programs you have added from general scanning, SONAR automatic protection, and download control.

Let’s go to the ┬╗ Updates ┬╗ section and install ┬╗ Apply updates only on reboot ┬╗ to avoid incorrect installation and other problems.


Let’s go back and open the ┬╗ Firewall ┬ź. In the general settings, set ┬╗ Network reliability ┬╗ to ┬╗ Forbidden ┬╗ mode so that other devices cannot access the computer.

Network reliability

To block a program or a game’s Internet connections, use Program Control and our guide: How to block a program from accessing the Internet using Norton Security .

Program management

Go to ┬╗ Advanced Application Management ┬╗ and set ┬╗ Blocking traffic of malicious applications ┬╗ to ┬╗ Aggressive mode ┬ź. This will help reduce the risk of transmitting sensitive data in the event of a system infection.

Advanced program management

If you are using an SSD drive, it is advisable to disable ┬╗ Disk Optimization ┬╗ in the ┬╗ Task Schedule ┬ź. After that, open ┬╗ Administration Settings ┬╗ and turn off ┬ź

Disk optimization

┬źThis will prevent Norton Security from scheduling and optimizing the boot volume.

Downtime Optimizer

In addition, you can turn off the functionality for collecting information: ┬╗ Norton Community Watch ┬╗ and ┬╗ Collect detailed error data ┬ź.

Disable data collection

Monitoring performance is also possible to disable, there is no need to waste computer resources consuming.

Disable performance monitoring

Scroll to the bottom of the section and, at your discretion, configure the delay settings for ┬╗ Auto resume after sleep or  hibernation ┬ź, ┬╗ Run tasks ┬╗ and ┬╗ Idle timeout ┬ź. Disable ┬╗ Special Offer Notification ┬╗ and Firefox Internet Cleanup .

Additional settings

completed, now it becomes even lighter and more favorable to use. If you need to correct something else, do not forget to first study the help by clicking on the question mark of the item you need.

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